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CHIREC Innovation hub is a unique initiative taken up by CHIREC International School to foster scientific temper amongst students. It creates an opportunity for student community to expand their critical thinking beyond textbooks and come up with creative inventions which will enhance their problem-solving skills and work on finding solutions. Our goal is to spark their investigative spirit, promote creativity, help them think through problems and express their ideas through building things. It also connects the process of invention to their everyday lives and to a broad range of careers and social issues.

Who can apply?

Students with

  1.  a passion to innovate 
  2. a strong team spirit 
  3. a desire to find solutions to challenges

How to apply?

Students can either apply directly with an idea or through `aspirational challenges` announced by CHIREC.

After selection

Students will:

  1. Go through brainstorming and ideation sessions conducted by Better by Design Work on prototypes and visualizations of ideas 
  2. Get pitching opportunities to eminent jury members 
  3. Develop high quality, refined prototypes 
  4. Showcase their projects to professionals 

C-hub Challenges

C-hub hosts challenges every now and then, centered around aspirations and themes. The aim is to motivate students and to pique their interest, which will ultimately inspire them to come up with innovations of their own. Listed below, you will find a brief of some of the most recent challenges.

Battle of the Bots Challenge

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As a part of C-hub`s second challenge in collaboration with Better by Design, the students of Grade IV and V explored the power of electronics that came together with mechanical parts to create wacky bots. They designed and built their own bots and let them fight it out at the ultimate finale.

The Finale

The Battle of the Bots! All the bots engaged in a battle to defeat their nemeses on January 4, 2020.

Their goal was to gain the maximum number of coins, by destroying their enemy`s precious orb (the balloon) that contained their wealth source. Once destroyed, the vanquisher earned 500 coins, while the vanquished was out of the battle.

Minor orbs (random balloons on the floor), if successfully burst earned the vanquisher a 100 points.

The contender with the most coins, won.

Better Bots Challenge

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The first CHIREC Innovation Hub (C-hub) event of the year called the Better Bots Challenge was organized in collaboration with Better by Design on October 22, 2019. Students of Grades 8, 9 and 11 got together to ideate, prototype, and tinker the best robots that would race in an obstacle course. The teams worked over 3 weeks and after a Preliminary Challenge, 4 teams - Dark Phoenix, Bush Campers, Wheelz, and Avengers were selected for the final Battle of the Bots clash.

The teams created and designed their own robots that had to race through carefully-constructed hurdles on an obstacle course. Each team had a remote control to navigate their bots. The teams had to come up with creative strategies to overcome the hurdles and race to the finish line.

After multiple rounds of the challenge and a close race, the teams that finally won the challenge are:

Team Dark Phoenix – First Place
Final Timing: 8 minutes and 10 seconds.

Team Avengers – Runner Up
Final Timing: 11 minutes and 16 seconds.

Students of Classes 6 to 9 gathered in the arena to cheer on the teams with great excitement and enthusiasm!

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